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Though Fireman, 72, hails from Massachusetts and lives now in Palm Beach, he is no stranger to Jersey City: he owns the posh Liberty National Golf Club, which opened in 2006 คาสิโนออนไลน์ holiday andhas attracted luminaries like former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Sitting in a conference room last week on the first floor of Liberty National's clubhouse, Fireman said he believes the opposition to bringing casino gaming to Jersey City is misguided. Dismissing the word casino, Fireman said his plan is to build a $3 billion, two-tower resort called Liberty Rising that includes a hotel, restaurants, a spa and, yes, a casino with about 6,000 slots and 500 tables. "It's going to be an icon," he said. "This thing's going to stand out like a beacon of energy." A map showing where Paul Fireman wants to build Liberty Rising, a plan $3 billion resort and casino. Opposition to a Jersey City casino has focused on concerns over traffic and problems critics say casinos attract, like prostitution and vagrancy. Fireman dismissed those objections. The traffic impact on Jersey City streets would be minimal because the resort's customers would use the New Jersey Turnpike or ferries to get to the site, Fireman said, while the resort would not attract prostitutes or vagrants because it would sit inside a gated property. The resort would rise on a site adjacent tothe golf course's clubhouse. Fireman focused on what he said are the monetary benefits his resort would bring to Jersey City and its population: up to 9,000 construction jobs and 6,000 jobs with the resort, all union gigs.

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Instead, the campaign and a bid to disqualify the measure from the ballot are focusing on where the line should be drawn and, if it moves, what restrictions are needed. The group campaigning for the amendment isn't avoiding the mention of casinos or gambling, but its first television ad focuses on the measure more as a way to boost tourism, attract jobs and keep tax revenue in Arkansas. The 30-second spot opens with images of people at a park and a campground, later showing shots of a roulette wheel, people playing a slot machine and poker chips. "Home is where the heart is, and Arkansas is our home," a narrator says in the ad, which supporters of the casino measure began airing statewide this month. Opponents of the measure, however, say that message is obscuring a proposal to effectively crate a monopoly through the state's constitution. If approved by voters, the casinos would be operated by three companies owned by supporters of the measure. Those companies could also transfer their licenses to anyone บาคาร่า ขั้นต่ำ 100 they choose under the proposed amendment. "There are legitimate questions about who really benefits from this amendment and the wisdom of writing monopolies for private individuals directly into our constitution," said Chuck Lange, chairman of Committee to Protect Arkansas' Values/Stop Casinos Now, the group campaigning against the measure and trying to have it disqualified from the November ballot. The anti-monopoly argument is a familiar one and was used four years ago against a similar pair of pro-casino measures that were ultimately disqualified from the ballot by the state Supreme Court. And just like four years ago, the anti-casino campaign is being backed by a horse track and dog track that offer electronic "games of skill" like video poker and blackjack. Oaklawn Jockey Club and Southland Park Gaming and Racing announced last week they were backing the Stop Casinos Now campaign, with its executives calling the measure an "open invitation to corruption and unimaginable forms of gambling." That kind of criticism is coming from tracks that not that long ago were facing similar attacks and court challenges as they pushed for expanding their gambling rights.

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