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'Russian Roulette' Elevators Terrify Legal Aid Society Staffers

'Russian Roulette' Elevators Terrify Legal Aid Society Staffers Legal Aid Society staffers rallied outside their Livingston Street office building to demand the owner fix elevators that shake and plummet. DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — The elevator was on the 23rd floor when it suddenly began to plummet and Valerie Clerk, trapped inside, thought she was going to die. "I thought that was it," said Clerk, 59. "I thought that was the end of it." Clerk works at 111 Livingston St., the high-rise office building that houses the Legal Aid Society and Workers Compensation Board, where occupants rallied Wednesday afternoon to protest elevators that malfunction on a daily basis. "Our jobs are hard enough," said Mike Pate, a Legal Aid staff attorney. "Do we really need the stress of riding an elevator that's comparable to the Cyclone at Coney Island?

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Lil Scrappy's Friend Lawyers Up After Rapper Crashed Vehicle - XXL

Although his own lawyer, Brett L. Schlacter seemingly implied that Roulette was suing the Love & Hip Hop star in order to pay for his medical bills, the South Carolina rapper now tells TMZ he only hired a lawyer because he’s unsure of how to deal with Florida laws. “The only reason why I lawyered up is because I’m from South Carolina—the accident happened in Florida,” begins Roulette, who landed in ICU for three days after sustaining a ruptured large intestine. “I know nothing about how to get my bills taken care of or anything of that nature from the hospital, so I was advised [that] I needed to get an attorney from Miami to help me navigate that process. That’s the only reason.” Elsewhere in his video explanation, Roulette has some words for people who think he is after Scrappy’s money. He also says that he was about to release a new single before the accident before implying that the accident and his subsequent recovery from it have slowed up that process. “Stop doubting my sincerity as a friend, because I tried to pull my bro out of the wreck, you know what I mean?” he says. I was conscious throughout the whole situation, so, me caring more about him trying to get him out of that wreck shows my sincerity as a friend with a busted gut still trying to look out for him. I’m just looking to have my medical bills taken care of and continuously provide for my family as a man like I’ve been doing.” At the time of the accident, police ruled that nothing criminal had taken place.

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